jeudi 10 mars 2011

The Lingo (Part 1)

Coup du chapeau
19th century sportsmen celebrated their exploits with restraint, by doffing their hats to the crowd. In Britain, this "hat trick" typically involved a flat cap; in France, a beret.

Twice a year, the strongest members of the flock migrate north in search of a more fertile environment. Le Mercato is the French term for the transfer window.

Coup du sombrero
An obvious homage to the countless Latin Americans who have illuminated French football, this term denotes the act of flicking the ball over an opponent's head and retaining control. We should be sad that no concise English translation exists.

Petit Pont
Literally a 'little bridge', but in this context a nutmeg. For the record, nutmeg - the stuff that goes in an apple crumble - is muscade in French.

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