lundi 14 mars 2011

Christian and Adriana Karembeu Split

They never saw eye to eye.

It's official: Adriana Karembeu - Wonderbra model, former medical student and an improbably awful dancer - has put her 1.26 metre legs to decisive use by walking out on husband Christian. Adriana told Paris Match, "I could no longer bear the existence we lead... We no longer had the life of a couple."

Christian Karambeu is a man apart. In a prior interview with France Football, he spoke about the humanitarian work that requires him to be in almost constant transit: "I'll stop when I'm in a coffin!" It seems Christian's desire to make a positive difference in his native New Caledonia (and beyond) has wrought a negative impact on his domestic life.

Adriana and Christian married in 1998, the year in which Christian was a member of France's World Cup winning squad. As the couple's stardom grew, both embraced a number of political and charitable causes. Adriana continues to act as an ambassador for the Red Cross, while Christian principally lends his support to issues regarding ecology and poverty in the South Pacific.

Simultaneous to their incessant do-gooding, Christian won the Champions League twice (at Real Madrid in 1998 and 2000) as well as Euro 2000 and the World Cup; in 2006, Adriana was elected world's sexiest woman by the esteemed readers of FHM France and recently competed in Danse avec les stars.

FiFiR is sad to learn of the Karembeus' separation and will gladly buy Christian a consolatory pint or provide Adriana with a refreshingly egoistic shoulder to cry on should she need one.

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